Hello There Amazing Woman!


Did you know that since 2013, the Sass Collective has been changing the way women work and connect together supporting 1000’s of South Australian women on their business journey? It’s been one amazing ride! And that means that ¬†whether you are just starting out or have been in business for some time, we get the business journey! We understand that sometimes you can feel a full range of emotions in just one day (And be honest, how many times have you threatened to quit and find a job?!). And lets not get started on the feelings of loneliness and isolation and how tired you are of chatting to your cat or your partner who really just don’t understand.

But we promise, it’s going to be ok! Because a bit like a supportive bra, the Sass Collective community is here, ready and waiting, to lift you up at times you may be pulled down and support you through the everyday journey that being in business brings (including those moments you feel like quitting!).


So whether you identify as a entrepreneur, female founder, business owner, creator, consultant, mumpreneur or changemaker, there is one thing we all have in common. We are all ready to step up and leave our mark on the world doing what we love. And we are passionate about helping others doing the same. And by being here, we are committed to doing it together!


A collective of women who are on a mission to live a life of purpose, to make a difference, to live a life filled with joyful work and to do what we love. While backing one another up, offering support and sharing advice.



With a nurturing approach to mentoring, founder Carly will not just work beside you, but with you every step of your business journey. * Provided by our Sister Brand, She Nurtures.



Bringing women together who are dedicated, ambitious, thoughtful and community-minded at a range of events and workshops to build connections, enhance support networks and grow successful businesses.


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